A magnificent eye on the world. A man who never lets his vast knowledge and impeccable technique trump his innate sense of wonder. The best!
James Byrnes, Actor, Musician
Albert has an uncanny ability to capture light and frame it up in a way that is inspiring.
Dean Lee, Creative Director, DDB Canada
1. Albert is a huge talent and in the very creative and competitive world of photography, size matters.
2. Having spent shooting time on the ground, in the air and on the water with Albert Normandin I feel qualified to give you my humble opinion of him. He is outstanding. His work is outstanding. His ability to pick the right reference is also outstanding.
3. I’ve yet to look at an Albert Normandin photo, whether shot for myself or not, without being amazed at how he can capture beauty from what most of us would walk by.
Bill Downie, VP Creative Director, Publicis Vancouver
"a clutch photographer, always gets the shot, every time"
"you can send him across the world and let him make you look great,
or in my experience, work right next to him and enjoy the experience first hand"
"Albert is one of those rare professionals who gets it. He understands that each job is important, big or small. He quietly over-exceeds expectations and is always a pleasure to work with"
"I've known and worked with Albert for 22 years, hung out helicopters, bush planes, and sides of buildings to help art direct the shot. Not that I really had to. I just enjoyed the experience of working next to a world class photographer."
Dean Ponto, Dean Ponto Creative Inc.
-Editorial to abstract Albert Normandin is a master photographer. Capable and inventive in any environment, undaunted by weather, natural, or man-made obstacles,  Albert always discovers and makes the great shot. 
He is a gentle man who lives photographically -- delighting us continually with expressive images -- whether made on assignment or in service of the arts and humanities.
Bob Gibson, Senior Designer, Harrison Green Marketing Communications
"When I first met Albert he was already a changed man; he'd recently
returned to Vancouver after several years in New York working for Jay
Maisel. And consequently being impacted with Maisel's love of
photography and his exceptional work.
However I've had the pleasure of watching Albert continue to change.
Again. And again.

As Albert developed his commercial photography and a long list of
estimable clients he never stopped pursuing his personal work. This
other love has taken him into the most exotic - and dangerous! - areas
of the world which has inspired him to produce the most amazing
images: unique portraits of the people that embraced this gentle,
disarming photographer and the incredible landscapes that is their
wilderness home.

Whatever Albert achieved while abroad he brought this back to his work
at home. I am one of the many clients that benefited from his growing
confidence in himself and his work.

Albert continues to embrace the "impossible" with excitement and an
unique perseverance. I absolutely love his work.
And I continue to watch him change."

Bill Cozens
VP/Associate Creative Director McKim Advertising
Art Director/Partner Wasserman, Cozens, Dundon Advertising
Art Director/Partner Wasserman & Partners Advertising
The adjective, "world-class," has nearly lost its meaning due to overuse and careless use. Here's a rare case, though, in which it fits perfectly. Albert Normandin is a world-class photographer. I know this for three reasons: 1) Albert regularly travels the world to gather his images; 2) he is an artist for whom photography is more than his life's work, it is his life; 3) I have had the privilege of working with Albert Normandin on numerous occasions, and the photographs he delivers invariably fulfill the assignment and go beyond.
Don Veinish, Director of Creative Services, Egg Films
'albert normandin is a gifted photographer whose work has made a powerful contribution to my films. He feels, frames and photographs aspects of life, real and imagined that others only talk about. Albert's ability to innovative, moving from single frames to full motion and everywhere in between allows him a unique access to all aspects of film making, a talent rarely found.'
Michael French, Producer, “Heart of a Dragon” movie
I first worked with Albert Normandin almost 15 years ago, and since that time I don't believe I've ever come across another photographer who has dedicated his life to improving his craft the way Albert has. He travels the world extensively collecting new material and honing his skills. And while some may balk at the thought of lengthy trips to exotic locals like Myanmar, Kenya, Laos or Bhutan as being work related, the grueling hours, bureaucratic hassles, illnesses, and weeks of lugging heavy equipment around the planet quickly eliminated any glamour. It's a testament to Albert's dedication, though. And the results are there every time you work with him: great, gorgeous, wonderful results. Whether it's a portrait, landscape or a shot of heavy duty equipment, it will look like it's been taken by someone who has dedicated his life to making it look great. Which, with Albert, it has.
Simon Cameron, Principal, Creative Director, bare Advertising
I don’t know how such a mellow guy gets such amazing results. He is the Zen photo master. Go Albert!
Lorne Craig, Unicycle Creative
A fine person. Albert knows how to make it happen. Captures people and places with his camera and it just works and looks like you wanted it to. You trust him. That’s a real talent. And an even better photographer I’d say.
Stephen Lewis, Executive Director, Communications, Newalta Corporation
I had the absolute pleasure of working with Albert on the Finning International Annual Report a few years ago. Albert is the kind of guy you can throw into any situation and feel confident that he will get you the shots you're looking for - he just gets it. Not only is he a super-talented shooter, but he is also this incredibly likeable guy who has the ability to put even the most awkward CEO at ease.  It is rare to find a photographer who is as adept at capturing the essence of a person as he is at making a “big ugly truck” look beautiful.
p.s. I think his personal travel work is brilliant!
Deborah Kieselbach, Associate Creative Director, Mercer Creative
Many people, like I, enjoy traveling vicariously to distant places through Albert's magnificent lens. When diving into his photos, one virtually ARE right there. And from my beige desk in Vancouver, I thank him for all the faraway journeys and escapades he has brought me on. 
I have been privileged, no blessed, to also know Albert - the philanthropist. Albert has been a key supporter of many an African fundraiser, donating amazing images to both our Art for Aids Orphan auctions and lately to a benefit for the Canadian Network for International Surgery.
I have told Albert that I am eternally grateful, and truly, I am. Thank you for your great eye, your grand vision and your kind heart.
Karethe Linaae, Public Engagement Coordinator, Canadian Network for International Surgery
"Albert has an uncanny ability to find those special moments, those extraordinary glimpses into the heart and soul of people and their everyday lives to capture magic and have it shine through. His love and appreciation of Asian cultures and the inherent style and beauty leave me in awe and make me look at that world I have experienced many times before with a different vantage point and appreciation."
Blaise Noto, President, Blaise Noto & Associates
We've worked with Albert for many years and it's always a treat when we're able to hire him. Saying he's talented doesn't even begin to cover it.... He's exceptionally talented, open to ideas and easy-going. 
I have absolute confidence that not only will he capture the shot we're after, he'll also push our concepts to a level we hadn't even considered, making the mundane magical!
Plus, his natural ease with people really helps with client and talent management. And when the shoot is done, he's been amazingly helpful when it comes to getting us the shots quickly, having sorted the many shots to bring out the gems!
Bottom line: Hire Albert - You'll be glad you did!
Ryan Thompson, Owner/Partner, Twin Fish Creative Inc.
I had the pleasure of working with Albert on the Finning International Annual Report. Albert is an amazing photographer who not only has an exceptional eye for capturing a great composition he also has the experience to problem solve the most complex projects even if it means traveling to remote parts of the world. Great ideas, trustworthy and a very professional attitude. I would highly recommend Albert for any project!
Jeff Harrison, Partner, Creative Director, Rethink Communications
Having worked and known Albert for over a decade now, I feel very comfortable in saying Albert is a very, very talented man.
His understanding of light, exacting standards and eye for detail are the elements that take his photography to a whole different level.
John Hall, VP, General Manager, Cossette West
“Working with Albert Normandin is an artistic pleasure. I have been fortunate to have won many international awards for hair and beauty using photograph’s that he took for me and my company. He always listens and try’s to understand the vision that I may have and then makes sure that he has the same vision before he starts to take any photographs. I have never been disappointed with any photo session I’ve worked on with him and plan even more with him in the future”
Jon Paul Holt, Owner, AvantGarde Hair Salon
I have worked with Albert on many projects. He has demonstrated exceptional creative ability and always willing to go beyond what is normally experienced in a supplier relationship. He conducted himself in a professional manner at all times, showed commitment to hard work. Albert prides himself as a consummate perfectionist, and is always striving to better himself. He has dedicated his life to his work and it shows in everything he works on.
The projects mainly focused on photography work and we have talked to Albert about potential videography work.
Albert is organized, efficient, extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with people. He demonstrated that he can be cool, calm and collected under pressure and never too busy to help solve a problem.
In summary, I highly recommend him for any endeavor that he may seek to pursue.
If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact me as I am delighted to give only the highest of recommendation if called upon.
Benson Chin, TransLink
To All Of You Looking To Hire An Amazing Eye:
I had the good fortune of working with Albert Normandin on a 5 day photography adventure that took the two of us around British Columbia in order to capture Finning's Power System's group at its best! We shot everything from skyscrapers and skylines to fishing boats and ferry-liners; all featuring dynamic lighting and captivating angles that pushed the promotion of our product and or service.
The results were fabulous and wouldn't have come about if Albert hadn't agreed, after my many emails begging, to be a part of this project! We had a variety of final images that offered us many to work from for our diverse set of marketing materials.
AND to top it off he treated me to ice cream at my favourite place.... the zoo!
If there is anything else you would like to know about working with the seriously talented Albert Normandin please feel free to contact me at any time!
Danna Beatty, BDes, LGDC​​​​​​​
+1 604 939-7777
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