Albert Normandin Photography Vancouver, BC Canada | The Union of Myanmar | Burma | South East Asia | “The Golden Land” | Artist Statement


“The Golden Land” is the mystical name, Burma is the former name, the “Union of Myanmar” is the official name. Call it what you like, but I have found the people to be full of life, their faith strong and the land enchanting.

Closed off from the rest of the world with barely enough to survive on, these hard working, dedicated people seem to be full of happiness and joy. A tough, basic life they lead, but it is a life and they do make the most of it.

These genuinely shy, beautiful people also have a strong Burmese spirit and they are very proud of this hidden spirit.

The culture is as varied and diverse as the landscape. Bordered by Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand, you can see these influences throughout the country.

Buddha images, Pagodas, Temples, Monks and Nuns can be found everywhere. Festivals celebrating the Nat spirits, young Novice Monks being initiated with ceremonial processions and the traditional head shaving. The long lines of Monks and Nuns in the early morning ritual of accepting simple offerings of rice and food.

These are some of the symbolic reminders of their faith. Their humble dedication to this faith can be found in all parts of their lives.

My images represent how I see the lives of these wonderful people with their faith and hard work in their land.

With nine trips in eight years, this country and it’s people have grabbed me and just won’t let go.

I have made many friends there, if only for a moment. But they all seem to know that I will be back to 
“The Golden Land”.

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