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Were you just trying to drag, drop and steal my image?
If you were and succeeded can you please at least credit me as the photographer.
Something simple like:


You could even put a link to my website so other’s would know where you stole my image from.

Funny how you go to a store to buy something and you actually have to pay for it. Or when you get someone to do a service for you like fix your plumbing, service your car, do your taxes or settle your law suits. You actually have to pay them. 

I am a working professional photographer and I still believe in rights and ownership of my images. And I also believe in being paid for the photography work I do or for the use of an image I have created. Think of me as a store that sells pictures, you wouldn’t want to steal from my store would you?

Well if your a good honest person and would like to use one of my images or hire me to do some work for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. And for the others, well you can only imagine the words I might use about stealers....

Thank you,
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